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Kernel.org Linux repository rooted in hack attack. Rootkit not detected for 17 days

The infection occurred no later than August 12 and wasn’t detected for another 17 days, according to an email John “‘Warthog9” Hawley, the chief administrator of kernel.org, sent to developers on Monday. It said a trojan was found on the personal machine of kernel developer H Peter Anvin and later on the kernel.org servers known as Hera and Odin1. A secure shell client used to remotely access servers was modified, and passwords and user interactions were logged during the compromise

 Multiple servers used to maintain and distribute the Linux operating system were infected with malware that gained root access, modified system software, and logged passwords and transactions of the people who used them, the official Linux Kernel Organization has confirmed.


Кстати, на настоящий момент, после 20 лет существования, линукс завоевал уже 1,07% рынка. А инновации по встраиванию троянов прямо в ядро внушают ещё большие надежды.

(и пользуясь случаем, поздравляю линуксоедов с профессиональным праздником! винда мастдай!)

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